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Let's fly together beyond time and space and connect with our hearts and souls.

My soul is longing for
Something real and strong
Something to hold on
When the dark night is falling on me

- lyrics from 'Searching for the mountain'

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Mantra circles

Singing together for the inner peace and love

Mantra circles are a perfect way to get to know the power of mantras and singing together.

Ancient Sanskrit mantras are combined with simple, modern and touching melodies.

Mantras can bring us beyond the mind and touch the hidden parts of our beings.

Together as a circle we create space for a deep listening and connection.

Sometimes we are guided to let go of the past so we can let the present in.

The intention is to connect with the inner wisdom, peace and love.




April 24, Milano, Italy   Essence - cerimonia cacao + movement medicine + canti with Camille Barrios

June 11, Himos, Finland   Namaste Himos Yoga Festival with Tea Ihalainen and Highway to Bliss

June 17, Helsinki, Finland   Tanssikoulu EdBH with Tea Ihalainen and Highway to Bliss

August 5, Uusikaupunki, Finland   Natural High Healing Festival with Tea Ihalainen and Highway to Bliss

August 12, Helsinki, Finland   Tanssikoulu EdBH with Tea Ihalainen and Highway to Bliss

August 18, Helsinki, Finland, Lauluja ajasta ja ajan toiselta puolelta, Galleria Sitruunapuu, Taiteiden yö


Introducing Annika

Finding the connection with the help of music

Music is a form of art, which has inspired me my whole life - it is something we cannot see or touch, but it is extremely powerful and magical and it can bring us beyond the mind, to feel the connection with the truth.

Time and space can disappear when we sing together and it can crack our hearts open. Singing together has a power that I have not experienced anywhere else and I feel deeply honored that I can share this with others.

Singing has been my passion for all of my life and I have been composing my own music since I was 13. In the past I was singing in many groups, peforming as a solo artist and creating performances which combined dance, shamanistic arts and theatre.

Over last 10 years I have been discovering the world of mantras as well as composing mantra music. I am blessed to play with my super talented sister Tea Ihalainen in her group Highway to Bliss and I visit regularly Finland to make mantra circle events with her.

In addition to mantra music I write also 'normal' music, with the message from the heart and spirit.

My roots are in Finland but currently I live in Northern Italy with my beautiful italian-finnish family.


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